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What is ORBERA™?

The ORBERA™ Managed Weight Loss Program is designed to be a non-surgical and effective program perfect for losing weight. This is becoming popular for its many excellent and the best results to offer on many users. When the program is followed correctly, users are expected to lose up to 35 lbs*. of their excess weight. This is best designed for the mind and body as it combines the two effective therapies in helping you kick start your weight loss journey. The first part of the program is focused on the body losing its weight. The second part of the program is after helping people in managing their hunger, boosting their willpower and changing their bad habits. There is a significant difference between the two programs but the similarity lies in giving the best results for a user.


How Much Weight Will I Lose?

With ORBERA™, people lost an average 3.1x the weight patients lost with diet & exercise alone*. The comprehensive two-part weight loss program will help you create healthy lifestyle habits and maintain your weight loss over time. Most weight is lost in the first three months, but because the gastric balloon stays in for six months, you will learn the right amount of food to eat to maintain your new weight.

Is ORBERA™ Right For Me?

While ORBERA™ does not require surgery, any medical procedure requires careful thought and consideration. To qualify for ORBERA™:

  • Be an adult
  • Body Mass index (BMI) of 30 to 40. Click Here to calculate your BMI.
  • Be willing to participate in a medically supervised program

Is ORBERA™ FDA Approved?

Yes. ORBERA™ is approved by FDA. Please read more on FDA website.

To Check if You Qualify, Contact our Office at (310) 326-3066