Weight Before Surgery: 220 lbs.
Weight 8 months After Surgery: 142 lbs.
Lost: 78 lbs.
Date of Surgery: April 2016

I came across Dr. Roohipour on my own while searching for a weight loss surgeon. After researching and reading his positive reviews by others, I decided to go to him even though it was a little out of my way because he is located in Torrance, CA and I’m in the valley area. Dr. Roohipour genuinely listened to my concerns and gave his recommendations. Initially, when I first went in there, I had made up my mind that I was to going to have the bypass surgery versus the sleeve because for some reason, I thought that that was the better option for me even though I knew there were far more risks and complications. Dr. Roohipour advised for me to take the sleeve route and assured me that I will lose the same amount of weight that I would on the bypass and if for some reason the sleeve didn’t work, then the bypass wouldn’t either. He also recommended the sleeve because it’s safer and less complications as it’s only cutting the stomach down versus re-routing your intestines. I decided to follow through with his recommendation and I am so glad I did. The surgery went really well and they were able to remove 80-85% of my stomach. The after-care instructions were very thorough and if I had any issues, he was available and so was his assistant, Maria Mendez, who has been very helpful throughout my weight loss journey and to this day if needed.

I was able to lose a total of 80 pounds in 8-9 months and that is exactly the number I was aiming for. If I had any issues along the way (which I rarely did), Dr. Roohipour was there for me as well as Maria and Ziad (their Finance Manager). I feel like my old self again and my PCOS symptoms have significantly improved as my menstrual cycle has returned to what it normally was before I had PCOS. I am so thankful for Dr. Roohipour and his team and am so glad that I came across his name.

I have been maintaining my weight now for 6-7 months and range between 1-2 pounds (up and down) which is the norm. I still go to visit Dr. Roohipour for my annual weigh-ins and to ensure all is good and so far everything is and has been. Thank you Dr. Roohipour for changing my life and I can now finally say that I am happy with myself. It was such a struggle to lose weight on my own especially with PCOS and I was afraid the sleeve wouldn’t work but it did and it worked so well. I recommend anyone who is looking to have weight loss surgery to contact Dr. Roohipour and his team. They are truly one of a kind and they even help you come up with a payment plan if you are a cash patient and can’t afford to pay all at once. I highly recommend this place. You will be well taken care of and if you too want to finally get rid of that excess weight and are struggling to do so, Dr. Roohipour is the answer to your solution. I guarantee it as I am living proof that it works.

Please do note that you too have to do your part in order to succeed which I did. I changed my eating habits completely and am now on the healthier side and have cut down portions significantly. I have not exercised one bit and it’s not because I hate exercising, it’s because I literally have no time with work and three kids. However, to be able to lose 80 pounds without exercise is nothing short of a miracle. I do have slight loose skin here and there but that is to be expected and I rather take loose skin than being overweight and unhealthy. I now have the energy and strength to play with my kids which I couldn’t do before. Words cannot express my gratitude towards Dr. Roohipour and his team! It truly is life-changing and I am the happiest and confident than I have ever been.