As the number of obesity cases increased at an alarming rate during the past decade, the idea of using robot for this surgery came into existence. Benefits of Robotic Bariatric Surgery include:

  • Enhanced visualization
  • Improved dexterity and control
  • Take less time for surgery
  • Less pain to the patient
  • Short incisions and ultimately, less blood loss
  • Less complications
  • Early recovery
  • Reduced medication

Robotic gastric sleeve surgery

In the gastric sleeve surgery which is also recognized as sleeve gastrectomy, the major part of the stomach is removed permanently. With the help of gastric bypass, the remained sleeve shaped stomach is sealed. This smaller stomach will now store comparatively lesser amount of food. As the remained stomach is in the shape of sleeve, hence, the surgery is named so.

Robotic gastric bypass surgery

During this procedure, the size of the patient’s stomach is reduced permanently and the path of digestion is also rerouted. During surgery, a small new stomach is created by dividing the stomach into two parts. The bigger one is permanently closed with the help of staples and the small stomach is now connected to the small intestine. After surgery, the food will be stored in the smaller stomach only and thus, it will store less food.

Robotic gastric band surgery

This surgery is also known as lap band surgery. In this, an adjustable band is placed which reduces the size of your stomach by dividing in it two parts. Now the food will be stored in the upper part of the stomach which is small in size. As a result, the patient will feel full even after eating the small amount of food. Through the narrow opening of this small pouch created at division, the food will pass to the lower stomach slowly. There is no need of any cutting and stapling inside the belly in this surgery.