What is FTBP®?

Fast Track Bariatric Program™ (FTBP®) is the signature protocol written and developed by Dr. Roohipour at Torrance Bariatric Institute. This program is designed to address the exhausting and sometimes, unnecessary insurance requirements to authorize bariatric surgery for patients.

For young and healthy patients who have minimum to no co-morbidities we guarantee a two-week A-Z process. This means it takes about two weeks from your initial consultation to your surgery date.

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Why FTBP®?

Over the course of past few years, the insurance coverage for the bariatric procedures has dramatically changed. To approve for bariatric procedures, majority of insurance companies require lengthy diet and exercise programs along with other burdensome pre-requisitions . These requirements can sometimes take as long as 6 to 12 months. Despite all the efforts our patients make to satisfy these requirements, it is not uncommon to see denial of authorization after all patients have been through. Many times patients “give up” due to the lengthy process which only adds to their hurdle. So many patients quit the traditional insurance programs at the middle of the process, only to come back several months later to restart the process again and this vicious cycle only contributes to depression and worsening of their obesity and its symptoms. Torrance Bariatric Institute has developed Fast Track Bariatric Program (FTBP®) to address these issues.

What is the process of FTBP®?

Once you requested your free consultation appointment from our website, a bariatric intake from along with psychologic questionnaire will be emailed to you. You should complete both forms and bring it with you on the day of your appointment. You can also email it back to our office. During your consultation, your surgeon will review with you the provided information and will ask additional questions. Once determined you are a fit candidate for surgery, our office staff will arrange all your appointments including necessary X-Rays, Blood works, consultations and of course the surgery.